Sunday, May 3, 2009

Had a blast

Well yesterday was so much fun. I spent the entire day on the pinkstampers blog for NSD! I also did a few challenges and worked a bit on my craft room which is a disaster zone at this time.
For those who have no idea what the pinkstamper is let me tell you. Robyn is a fantastic blogger and provides wonderful videos on her site that are funny and inspiring. If you are a crafter,scrapbooker or card maker check out her blogspot. You will love it.

Today I am working on the disaster zone. It is a freaking mess. I am converting the spare bedroom into a craft room/spare bedroom. I have one corner for the bed and another corner has the treadmill the other wall and corner are for my crafting station there the cricut and other tools/supplies will be. I will post pics when it is finished.


Faith said...

hey sweetie - I am so excited to see your picture I just knew all these months you had the most beautiful smile in the world from your loving words on mylot... hugs and congrates on the blog I'm sure you'll do fine and also get that room cleaned up - I'm not saying a word though my whole apartment is a mess :(

Jayaprakash said...

glad to see you here. fill your blog with lots of fun.