Saturday, June 13, 2009

Two new cards using dry embossing

Well I had a real good time doing these two cards. They are dry embossed, each dragonfly and heart done by hand using a stencil and a light box that I made. I think they turned out fantastic! I love my light box too and it cost $0.00 to make yep that is right ZERO dollars FREE WOOHOO!! I had a plant stand that Shilo (big dog Akita she is naughty sometimes) broke the tile out of so I taped a glass plane (out of a picture frame) to the top and clipped my lamp under it and Voila a lightbox! It works great with stencils and any kind of paper. I love it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New set of Mini Cards

I finished these today. I love love love the way they turned out! As always they can be seen at I am definatly going to do more of these they were so much FUN!! Leave a comment please I love feedback and you never know when feedback coud be rewarded lol.

Busy week

Well I have been busy doing other stuff this week but I did get these cards done. I like how they turned out. They are mini cards 3x3 and you can find them on They were fun to do.

Got the grass mowed today too. So it has been a good day!